Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Reality of name "Hindu" by Pandit Mahendra Pal Arya [HQ]

Reality of name "Hindu" by Pandit Mahendra Pal Arya [HQ]

real history might be hurt full. what it is true what pandit is  telling can go back to sixty million years ago.when indian plate was part of african plate
and she break away and join the asian continent plate.she is pushing.that is why himalaya is moving up 1 inch every year.province of bengal,assam and many other areas are not part of indian plate they are separate and part of asian plate.bengali,assami nagas.
they are oriental race. these are the facts. and they are converted hindus and muslims.dark skinned so called hindus are afro origion.when thousand years ago light skined aryan people and
middle eastren invaders,immigrants,refugees entered this plate they chased away these dark skinned afro people to the top corner and to humiliate them they named this area hindu sathan.meaning chor,thugs place.even today light and fair skined people of india ask questions and hesitate to marry thier childrens
to dark skined peoples.
hindu sthan these two word are persian and arabic origion.meaning chor,thugs place .these light skined aryan people to demonized the dark skined people
they given these names to them.for your knowledge.they also named punjab which is also persian name. punjab means five waters and other areas of so called india never has been part of maybe distastefull
to you.these are the fact you can not hide it.hindus are not one people just like christians and muslims.
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Reality of name "Hindu"=
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